What exactly is the Clarendon Auction?


The Official Answer:

The Second Community Parents Association (SCPA) Auction is one of our largest fundraising vehicles, and the funds we raise together go to supporting:

  • The consultants for all the enrichment programs including: art, music, physical education and computer science

  • Brand new furniture for the new classrooms currently under construction

  • Books and library equipment for the last three decades

  • The computer hardware in the Computer Lab

  • Teaching materials and supplies

  • Improvements to the Clarendon school site

The Un-official Answer:

"It's a time for new and veteran SC Parents to come together for fun, bonding, and a little spirited competition - all in the name of Clarendon Alternative Elementary.  Clarendon is one of the most amazing schools in San Francisco and monies raised at The Auction helps to maintain that status." - Kevin Amann, Parent and former Auction Co-Chair