Please note:  Other than beer/wine and paper certificates or gift cards, we do not accept physical donations.
Reach out to potential donors for adult packages

Do you know someone who owns or works at a restaurant or winery?  Ask if they can donate a private seating or tasting. 


Do you have a time share that you won't use next year?

Do you know someone that works at an exciting company,  or perhaps, you do? In the past, tours of "hip" companies have fetched great bids in our live auction.   Youtube, Skywalker Ranch, Salesforce Tower, etc.

Even if you are not affiliated, you can approach them directly for donations!  Restaurants, pro sports tickets, amusement parks, etc.


More detail:

Donate your own experience​ for kids/ families

Create a cool playdate for for a few lucky kids in your child's classroom?

Pizza party for the whole family?

Day at the beach?

Organize a bike ride?

What is something special  that your family can offer that other Clarendon folks would love to bid on?

Donate Wine and Beer!

We are now collecting wine a beer donations for our coveted beer/wine raffle that takes place at the event.   

Let us know if you have high end ($25 value or more) wine or craft beer that you can donate to stock the raffle prize!

Wine and Beer can be dropped off with Dana in the from office starting now.


  • Open with: I’m a parent at Clarendon Elementary School, one of San Francisco’s public schools and our school is raising money for many of its programs including art, music and physical education.

  • Ask:  Who can I talk to about getting a donation from your store/company restaurant?

  • Thank:  Thank you!  When I get home, I will send you the official form filled in for your convenience.

           Donation Form
           Example Solicitation Emails/Letter

3.  LET US KNOW (Especially if you have tangibles)

  • Please let jim, kelsey or rachel (contact page here) know if it is being sent to the school directly or if you are dropping the certificate off!


  • There is a WOODEN WINE BOX, marked "SCPA AUCTION 2020", in the main office where all donation forms can be placed.​​



Thank you for giving or soliciting donations!  This is one of Clarendon’s biggest fundraisers and its success is due in large part to all the fabulous contributions from our parents.

  • SCPA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with Tax ID number 94-3205047.

  • If your merchant requests a formal letter please feel free to use this Generic Merchant Letter

Interested volunteering at the event?  Let's Talk.​