Student Art

Student Art is THE  highlight of the Auction.   Under the mentorship of Ellen Weinstein, our esteemed Art Consultant, the children are inspired, challenged, and stretched to create incredible expressions of self.  The students collaborate on group projects, as well as individual pieces, which are available for purchase at the Auction (and can be pre-paid for here).

For this year’s individual pieces, Ellen has introduced a concept she has titled, “I Can Fly”, which was inspired by the “Soul of A Nation” exhibit at the de Young Museum, and Faith Ringgold’s art and book “Tar Beach”.   The students were encouraged to paint a watercolor sky and draw themselves flying through that sky. They collaged on paper buildings, and then added a fabric border representing patchwork quilts.  


Each piece is considered mixed media on mat board, and measures roughly 11” x 14”.

This year’s group projects are coordinated by Ben Dumas, and will be a watercolor and colored pencil collage of local wild flowers collected by Ben on school grounds and other surrounding areas. The finished arrangements will be by classroom, and will feature a flower from each student.  The students also did all the design and pattern work for the vases, as well as the backgrounds.

Each group piece will measure roughly 24" x 36".